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Our current project is to set up a House of Destiny in Lwakhakha, Kenya, East Africa. Lwakhakha is an African village, situated in Bungoma County on the Kenya/Uganda border. The people in this village face many challenges. Most live in poverty. Their water supply is unclean and causes diseases ranging from constant Current Projects - paragraph 1bstomach aches to Typhoid. Mosquitoes are bad and Malaria is another common disease afflicting these people. Jiggers are also a big problem in this area. Jiggers are fleas that burrow deep into human skin, lay pea-size eggs and multiply. This causes swelling, itching, ulceration, infection, sometimes gangrene and amputation. Many have trouble walking as a result of this but few have motor bikes, cars or other means of transportation. HIV/Aids is another problem in this area and has orphaned many children. One of the ways this is transmitted is through sharing scalpels for Jiggers treatment.Current Projects - paragraph 2 - Copy

Tony, Davena and son Boaz are planning to return to this village to set up a House of Destiny. They expect it to take about 3 years to get this properly established. During this time they will buy a much needed 4WD vehicle, purchase land, and construct buildings to house orphan or homeless children. Current Projects - paragraph 3These children will be loved, fed, educated and taught the ways of God in a family atmosphere. Children who were once the rejects of society will have an opportunity to become leaders and change a nation.
A child can be thrown out of the family home in Kenya as early as 5 years old because the father becomes angry with the child over some minor issue. Sometimes babies are left beside the river. Some children find themselves homeless because their parents died of HIV/AIDS. All children need to be loved and cared for.
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Setting up a House of Destiny is a way that these children can reach their Current Projects - paragraph 4bdestiny. Tony and Davena will train locals to help in the House of Destiny and eventually be able to run it. They plan to be as self-sufficient as possible through growing crops, having goats, chooks, rabbits etc.

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