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Founders: Tony & Davena Robert co-founded Heart of Destiny Ministries in November 2014 to help women and children reach their destiny by taking God’s love, Word and fire to the nations and establishing Houses of Destiny where rescued children can grow up in a loving family atmosphere. This is in fulfilment of God’s call and gifting on their lives to care for, encourage and empower those who have been downtrodden and undervalued so that each one can grow into their God given identity and destiny.



Tony Robert

tonyTony is gifted mechanically, he can diagnose the problem when others can’t work out what is wrong and fix just about anything even if that necessitates improvising when the ‘proper part’ or equipment is not available. He has been a Motor Mechanic since 1974 and owns his own business on the Sunshine Coast.
Tony came to Christ in 1975 and has a generous heart, always helping and giving to others. He married Davena in 1985 and they have three sons. Faithful describes Tony well – faithful in studying the Word and prayer, faithful in his marriage, faithful in church service, faithful in business and a faithful friend.
Tony has served on two mission trips demonstrating the love of Christ in very practical ways to the people of Kenya, Africa in 2013 and 2014. He and Davena are now working towards a long term mission trip with their youngest son Boaz to establish a House of Destiny for abandoned children in Lwakhakha, a village in western Kenya on the border with Uganda.

Davena Robert

davenaDavena came to Christ as a child in 1965 and has demonstrated unswerving dedication to God since that time. She has always had a great love for children and heart for those who are downtrodden and undervalued.
Davena married Tony in 1985 and would not give up when told she could not have children but continued standing in faith for the miracle of the birth of each of their three sons.
Davena homeschooled each of their boys, helping them discover and develop their gifts and talents and overcome their challenges. Their youngest, Boaz, is still being schooled by his mum. She has had many years of experience in Children’s Ministry both in Australia and overseas. Davena has ministered in missions to the Solomon Islands, India, Kenya and Central Australia.
Davena’s published book “Parental Love. Cries and Joys of Every Heart” is available through this website.

Advisory Council

We have an honorary Advisory Council made up of dedicated people with extensive experience in Christian life and ministry. They oversee the management of Heart of Destiny Ministries to help us ensure the vision of this ministry is fulfilled and everything donated goes towards accomplishing that.

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